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   Bretts won the prestigious 2015 Australian Windows Association award for the best use of Windows and Doors in a residential renovation. Read more...   

Bretts manufactures a range of high quality, custom made aluminium windows and doors suitable for a wide range of applications from standard residential, designer architectural through to commercial. There is an endless choice of colours, frames and sizes enhancing the quality materials and manufacturing methods used to provide an end product that is specifically designed to meet the necessary wind and water ratings, and other environmental factors.

Our aluminium windows and doors range comprises of a selection of series, each designed with the end use in mind. Under the Vantage brand we manufacture for domestic residential housing; the Residential series, Designer Architectural series, ThermalHEART series and the SoundOUT speciality series. Under the Elevate brand we manufacture for commercial buildings and applications; the Commercial series, Architectural series, Commercial Framing series and ThermalHEART series. However there is no strict rule, there are some crossover products, it will depend upon design parameters and your personal taste.

Energy efficient windows can be supplied to meet energy reports with the ability to single or double glaze frames. Let our experienced consultants guide you through the selection process. In addition to offering one of the largest range of building products and general hardware in Brisbane, Bretts has also developed an extensive showroom, designed especially to assist you in streamlining the building design process from floor to ceiling.

Residential window and door systems that meet the needs of the residential market.

From the design right through to manufacture and delivery of Aluminium Window and Door Solutions, Bretts, as part of the AWS Vantage and Elevate fabricator network has built a positive and innovative reputation unsurpassed with architects, designers, builders and homeowners.The Bretts AWS systems are designed to deliver superior performance for the varied environmental situations around South East Queensland. Bretts Architectural Window Solutions delivers high performance window systems that offer enormous flexibility in design. Characteristics of the Vantage systems are aluminium profiles that blend aesthetics and adaptability into one.With market leadership and over 40 years of operation in the Australasian market, the Vantage system manufactured by Bretts can be relied upon to provide you with high quality, high performance products that will stand the test of time.

Single minded dedication to customer service and product quality is the foundation of the Bretts AWS philosophy.

Visit the Bretts Architectural Window Solutions display at the Homezone Centre, 142 Newmarket Rd. Windsor or call 07 3623 0199 to make an appointment with one of our consultants who can go over your plans discussing options and solutions that will work best for you. Select the ideal window and door system for your project from one of our four dedicated product ranges. Designer Series, Designer ThermalHEART™, Residential Series or Speciality and Commercial Series.

Designer Series

Designer Series windows and doors are architecturally inspired

Featuring a 102mm frame and bold sash designs to give a clean, striking aesthetic. These systems are designed to offer superior performance characteristics ideal for high-end residential applications. The strong frame and sash profiles enable you to achieve larger openings, support heavier glass panels and create windows free of transoms for an unobstructed view. Designer Series systems combine contemporary aesthetics with superior performance offering excellent strength, very low air infiltration and high water resistance. Sashless windows in both horizontal and vertical configurations are also available in commercial AWS frames.

Thermal Heart

Designer Series with ThermalHEART™

Developed in response to growing environmental concern and requirement for energy efficient building designs, Designer Series with ThermalHEART™ offers significantly improved thermal performance and energy efficiency. Ideal for those applications where minimising cold and heat transfer is a priority, this innovative range is 32% more thermally efficient than standard double glazed windows and doors.

Residential series

The Vantage Residential Series

Offers a comprehensive suite of window and door systems designed for Australian conditions. The extensive range has been developed with a focus on creating compliant, economical systems to provide necessary performance characteristics and meet the functional requirements of Australian residential dwellings. Residential Series systems offer high water resistance and low air infiltration, conform to all relevant Australian Standards and have been fully tested and WERS Rated.

Specialty series

Innovative products to provide maximum sound reduction

Within the Vantage range of Aluminium window and door systems, there are a number of specialty products. The SoundOUT™ range of secondary glazing windows and doors are purposefully designed to improve the acoustic performance of the building envelope. Tested in accordance with AS1191-1985 by the National Acoustics Laboratory, the SoundOUT™ range can be used to dramatically reduce sound penetration into a building.

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